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Kung Fu Panda – The Adventures of Liu Zhang

01. Meeting an old friend (part 1)

A sunny morning was beginning in the Valley of Peace, where the sun illuminated the sky with the beautiful colors of the morning. The landscape was taken by the beautiful color of dawn, where the clouds had a reddish coloring with mixtures of orange and yellow, giving shape to them.

Gradually the valley was brightening. It was quiet and peaceful, without any movement, because everyone was still asleep in their beds. While the sun was lighting up the Valley, a gentle breeze of cool wind passed between houses.

Soon, the gong was about to be sounded, to the citizens of the Valley of Peace wake up, but before that happens, at the Jade Palace I (Liu Zhang) woke up happy and excited.

I quickly get up from my bed throwing the blanket on the floor and drive myself to the window, and with a quick and loud movement open it, then with a big smile, look at the sunrise. Then I took a deep breath to smell the nature and feel the wind blow in my fur.

Even if it took a long time I was living this new life with my mother Master Tigress, the other Furious Five, Po the Dragon Warrior, my grandfather Shifu and my Grandmaster Oogway, whenever I woke up I was happy to know that all what was happening wasn’t a dream.

"WOW! What a beautiful day! Bet that today will be a great day! We'll practice kung fu, kick some bad guys's butts and..." I said with excitement giving some punches in the air until interrupted by a long and loud snoring. It was mom (Tigress).

I looked to the side and saw her lying face down, with one arm out of bed and with his knees beneath her belly, making her butt stay face up. I found that very strange, then she snored again.

"Who ate my noodle soup?" she said asleep, then turned sideways to the wall, turning his back to me, and snored again.

"Stop laughing! Who ate it?" it made me laugh. She was probably dreaming of the Secret Ingredient Soup again, but I had never heard she talking while sleeping. I walked over to her bed and shook her with both hands, lightly.

"Mom, wake up! It's already..." before I finished she got sat on her bed startled and stared at me.

"Oh...Good morning, mom!" I said after her reaction.

"Good morning, Liu! Did you sleep well?" She asked me yawning, and I answered yes nodding.

"But after all, why did you get up so early at morning?" she asked looking at the sun rising and realizing that the gong hadn't been sounded.

"Because we went to bed early last night, don't you remember?" I asked.

"No, I just remember having entered the room and lie down to sleep" she replied putting his hand on his forehead, as if he felt some pain.

"Well, actually you didn't lay in bed, you hit the ground! Once we trained, you were very tired and very sleepy, and after supper, you have gone to the bedroom before us, but probably you were so sleepy, that when you were going to lie in your bed, you fell flat on your face!...I think that's why you don't remember!" I said trying not to laugh at my own mother, putting my hand over my mouth to stifle the laugh.

"...But when I woke up I was in my bed" she said without understanding how she came to be lying in bed.

"Po gave me a little help to put you in the bed" I replied. She was quiet for a few seconds once she understood what happened, and then stood up.

"OK! Come on, we have to change clothes, to stay ready to introduce us to your grandfather Master Shifu. Then we can have breakfast."

So I put my green jade top shirt, black trousers and my sandals (one of the first sets that mom gave me). After I finished changing clothes, I looked back to see what clothes my mother had chosen, and I was surprised. She HADN'T changed clothes! She was using the set ever: a red top shirt, black trousers and sandals.

"Mom, wouldn't you change your clothes?" I asked a little confused.

"What are you talking about, Liu? I changed my clothes!" She replied, not seeming to understand why I had asked it.

"Isn't it the same clothes that you were wearing to sleep? And to train...yesterday...and the day before yesterday..." I continued, still not understanding, and even more confusing.

"Of course not! THIS is the outfit I was wearing to sleep" she took with one hand some clothes she had folded, were the clothes that she had worn to sleep, and they were EXACTLY like the ones she was wearing now.

"Whew! Thank goodness...that, ya know right? I thought you wore the same clothes every day" I told her, with a little embarrassment, and placing my hand on the head. However, who was more embarrassed was her.

"Liu...How could you think something like this of your own mother? I change my clothes every day! And besides, I'm not the only one that has many of the same clothes" she said.

"Yes! You are right, as Po, which has many of the same pants, Monkey, Viper too...wait a minute... does she..." I had thought on something somewhat strange, but before I completed, the gong sounded. Mom and I looked at each other, knowing that we had to introduce ourselves to Grandpa Shifu.

"Good morning Master!" we both and the others said together to introduce ourselves, after we went out of our rooms. So we went to the kitchen, to have breakfast.

When we got there, we could feel a delicious smell of a hot food, it was Po, he was finishing preparing his delicious Soup of the Secret Ingredient. So we sat and waited while our Dragon Chef finish preparing it, and when he finished, he put all the soup in porcelain bowls, one for each of us.

The smell and the look of that delicious meal was better than ever. I approached my face a little of the dish, took a deep breath to feel that wondrous smell, and then I licked my lips with mouth watering.

"I think I know why you often have dreams with the Soup of the Secret Ingredient that Po prepares, Mom! No matter how much I eat, I never sick of eat it! It's just...well...DELICIOUS!" I said in a cheerful tone, while I picked up my spoon. That left her with shame, and then she whispered my name in my ear to get my attention, because she thought I shouldn't have spoken about her dreams with her favorite dish.

"Gee, Tigress! You eat it almost every day, and even then, you dream of the soup...this is what I call to like very much a dish!" Monkey said, holding his spoon.

"Well, in a way I understand her! This soup that Po does, is really the best of all!" Viper continued.

"Why, thank you guys! It's good to know that my culinary skills can do something this good for you!" Po said gently, then sat beside me to eat.

"Well, let me see if the soup is as good as ever" I said. I was about to take a spoonful of my soup to prove it, but Po quickly grabbed his spoon and took some of my soup and ate it.

"'s really good, Liu!" he said after swallowing the soup.

"Hey! This is my soup, Po!" I exclaimed. Po laughed, but then I smiled and did the same, slowly eating the spoonful that I took from his bowl.

"HEY!" He exclaimed, now staring at me.

"Well, you had started it!" I said.

Then we both looked at each other, smiled, and slowly took our hands to the edges of our bowls; Po and I almost every morning, compete to see who eats the fastest, but he always win, after all, who could beat him at it, but was still a fun game.The others were looking at us because they knew we were going to compete again. So I took my bowl to my mouth to eat the soup it faster, and Po did the same, but he did it so fast and so hard, he played all the soup on his face.

"...Oh Darn!" he said after wiping his eyes full of soup. All of us, including Po, laughed a lot of what happened. Then the Dragon Warrior stood up to clean up the mess he had made.

After he cleaned up the mess, we went back to eating. Master Shifu was the first to finish, and then he gave a message while we still eating.

"After you finish eating, meet me in my room, I need to talk to you about our next mission" he said. That made me curious.

"Should I also go, Shifu?" I asked excitedly.

"I'm sorry, Liu! But not this time, you and Po will not participate in this mission" he replied. That made me a bit upset because I remembered that they had promised me that soon I would have a mission, I couldn't remember exactly when it would be, but it never seemed to arrive.

I continued eating the rest of my soup, now with a sad expression on my face, until I had an idea.

"Hey, Po! Since we will not participate in this mission, what do you think of after we're done eating, go train at the Training Hall together?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, Liu! I can't, I have to help my father in the restaurant today! I had promised that today I would help him" He replied, with a tone of disappointment. That made me even sadder. It would be another entire day doing nothing interesting.

After we all finished eating, the others went to Shifu's room, and I went to the Training Hall to train, to keep me busy. When I got there, I looked around to see every obstacle, and then let out a small sigh of disappointment, I didn't have anyone to train with me. Train with friends is completely different to train alone, but I continued anyway.

Inside the Training Hall was considerably warmer than the other rooms of the Jade Palace, the wind almost don't pass inside there, but the smell of the wood and the weather, left the pleasant environment.

To begin the training, I did a little stretching, then slowly closed my eyes and started doing some tai chi movements. Upon finishing the moves, I got in position to run, directing me to the obstacles. Then I slowly opened my eyes and concentrated on each part of the path I would pass by, took a deep breath and started to count to three to start the training.

"1...2...3...Now...AAAAH!" I screamed, then fell and hit my face on the floor, having tripped over my own feet.

After compose myself, I stood up, took the dust from my clothes and stayed in position again to restart.

"OK, Now I get it! 1...2...3...NOW!" I said, this time running into shot to the first hurdle, the Seven Swinging Clubs of Instant Oblivion (or as I prefer to call: treadmills).

I started running on treadmills to keep from falling, shook my body to steady myself, and with leaps and pirouettes I dodged the Seven-Talon Rings, those chains that bind the rings with thorns that came in my direction.

Then out of there and went to the Jade Tortoise of Wisdom, that big 'bowl' of iron, I did kicks and punches in the air while balancing on its edges.

Then with a somersault backwards, I left the edge of the 'bowl' and ran toward the Gauntlet of Wooden Warriors, or just the famous 'iron trees', where one-by-one I did series of kicks and fast punches to advance the obstacle and dodged the wooden arms that spun in circles to hit me; my hands and feet ached with every punch and kick that I  did, and I needed to run and move faster at measure that I progressed, was losing my breath slowly, but that wouldn't prevent me from continuing. Soon, I was at the last of them, and ran to the last obstacle, the Field of Fiery Death or simply minefield (sometimes I wonder how long it took to give these kinds of names to things that could have other much more simple).

Where I stepped in it, a flame rise from the ground, what forced me to move with great speed and agility. I dodged the flames passed very close to hit me, and the warmth of them made me feel as if a great fire was around me, but after a lot of practice time, I simply ignored the flames and dodged without being hit.

And so I finally finished the circuit, I gave a backflip and walked away, stopping resting on my knees and one hand on the wooden floor at the end of the Training Hall. I stood up and looked back to see all I had passed, and especially, to celebrate that I completed all the obstacles in a few of seconds. I jumped of excitement.

"YEAH! I completed the circuit! I think I'd never done it so fast and..." I stopped to smell something that seemed to be burning.

I sniffled to feel where the smell was coming from, and ended up looking at the tip of my tail, where a small fire was burning it. I felt my eyes water in pain.

"AAAAAH! MY TAIL!" I screamed.

I ran around all the Training Hall screaming in agony, then stopped to extinguish the fire, held my tail with both hands and blew, but this only worsened the situation, as the fire intensified, causing me even more pain. Then I had another idea, I held my tail with one hand and stuck it in my mouth to extinguish the fire. It worked, and after that, I let out a big sigh of relief and sat down, still with tail in mouth.

"Liu, your mother asked me to warn you that..." Crane came to give me a message, but stopped after seeing me with my tail in my mouth.

"Why are you eating your own tail, Liu?" he asked me then, so I got up quickly and took out my tail of my mouth, spitting the burned fur that was in my mouth.

"I wasn't eating my tail! I had burned it and I couldn't put out the fire, then..." I replied.

"OK, if you say...Well, your mother asked you to not forget that today we are going to the Secret Museum of Kung Fu to check if everything is in order, and you will take care of the Valley, for nothing bad happen! And if anything happens you just have to call Po, he'll be at the restaurant helping Mr. Ping!" he reminded me. The meeting with Master Shifu was to talk about this mission, I didn't remember that was today that they would leave the Valley.

I took a deep breath and gave a big smile looking at him, because I realized that my first real mission would be Today.

"YEAH! I have forgotten that today would be the first time that I will help The Furious Five on a mission! So Cool! Can'n't wait to go to the Valley and defeat some bad guys!" I said cheerfully after a leap of joy. Crane smiled.

"Yeah, I bet it will be a good experience for you, after all, you're one of us now! We are no longer 'The Furious Five', we are 'The Furious Six'! If you want to talk to your mother before we go, she is in the bedroom getting ready to go, Have fun, Liu!" he said, turning to leaving the training hall.

I couldn't contain my happiness inside me, but before I go crazy and run to the room of my mother, I stood standing staring at the door of the Training Hall. When he said 'you're one of us now', I was thrilled and almost let a tear of happiness fall.

"After so long...dreaming about my coming to the Jade Palace, that my mother had adopted me, and after all the times I had to listen to the other children tell me that I would never realize my dreams...I'm finally here...been strong and never give up finally paid off!" I thought. I felt a tightening in my heart.

After that, I gave a big smile, jumped for of happiness and ran to the room lively, to wish mom a good trip and say that she doesn't need to worry about me taking care of everything. Once there, I saw her preparing a backpack.

"Hi mom! I came to wish you a good trip! And don't worry, I'll take care of the Valley" I said, then she turned to see that I was in the room.

"Hi, Liu!" then sighed and continued, "You taking care of the Valley of Peace while me and others are out caused me to remember of me and my brother Tai Lung; one day, Master Shifu and the Grandmaster Oogway had to go to Gongmen City to see the masters Thundering Rhino, Storming Ox and Croc, and they left me and Tai taking care of the Valley of Peace. That was an unforgettable day, even more than had been my second mission and along with my brother" she said, recalling the moments with her brother.

"Wow! So Cool! But...if this was the second, which was your first mission, mom?"

"My first mission was perhaps my most terrifying and agonizing of all!" she said as I listened enthusiastically.

"It was: organizing all the thousand scrolls of kung fu in order on the shelves! sigh* My brother and I were looking for a scroll, when he suddenly decided to play catch-up with me, and we both hit on the shelves and dropped against all the thousand scrolls. So we had by all in order again" she continued, still remembering the past with her brother.

At the time she said it discouraged me a bit, because if the second mission had already been amazing, I thought the first would be even more, but I kept listening intently.

"Come on! We have to go, and I imagine you are wanting to go to the Valley as soon as possible. Ah! And don't forget Liu: If anything goes wrong, call Po, he'll be..." I interrupted.

"In Mr. Ping's restaurant, Crane already told me mom! And don't worry! I'll take care of everything" I said.

"Yeah...that's what I'm afraid!" she joked, looking at me, and we both laughed.

She finished packing the things for the trip, then grabbed her backpack and we headed up to meet with others, in the exit of the palace. To play around a bit, my mom challenged me.

"Liu...I bet you can't arrive in the Valley before me!" she said quickly, running down the stairs.

"Hey! It's not fair! You first came out!" I exclaimed, now also running.

"It will be ME who will get there first!" Po said now running. Others also liked the idea and began running.

I started significantly increasing my speed, the incline of the stairway helped me a lot, and soon I was side by side to my mother. We both ran side by side, then we could spot the end of the staircase. Although the others are also going pretty fast, and Crane had the advantage of being able to fly, it was me or my mother that would win.

Until we hear Po screaming.

"Out of the way, I'm coming!" we both look back.

"WHAT?" we exclaimed together. Po was rolling down the stairs, almost tripping over the others that were behind us, he was speeding, almost reaching us. I quickened my pace even more, but my mother has further accelerated and came roaring while she jumped to the 'finish line'. She stopped with her back to the stairs, and then celebrated that she had won.

"YES! I..."

"MOTHER! GET OUT OF PO'S WAY!" I exclaimed, she looked back and saw Po rolling toward her, but she was unable to swerve and they rolled together few feet away, until they stop. Po eventually stopped lying on his back on my mother, who also had her back, with her stomach turned to the ground.

"NO! I was going to win,I just lost because you cheated, cheater! Not cool, Tigress! Not cool!" Po said, still on her.

"PO! Could you take out your butt of my head...and QUIT off of me...before you turn me into a PANCAKE? ...Then we discussed about it!" she said in answer, breathlessly. Po then realized that he was crushing her and hurried out of her, and mom then stood up breathless.

"Okay, as I was saying..." Po continued after she raised. I laughed softly, so they shouldn't hear.

Then, everyone was already in the Valley, and it was time to say goodbye. Po and I said our goodbyes and wished the others a good trip, then we saw them moving away from the Valley and go toward the mission, after it, Po also said goodbye to me and went to the restaurant to help his father.

As he walked away I jumped of hapiness.

"YEAH! Now my mission finally start! AWESOME! What should I do first?" I said. I was so excited that I didn't even know where should I to start by.

I looked around to decide in which direction I should follow. I gave a full lap and saw several citizens going to the trade area, and I remembered that had already made some days that I didn't see my friend Zhi Tsugumi ("Tuggsy"), so I decided to make a visit to him and his family.

During the way I saw several traders trying to sell their products. It was an eventful day, almost all of the Valley were there, probably because of the curiosity to know the diversities of products of new traders who had come from other cities.

When I got to the stall in which Tuggsy worked, I stood at the counter watching him work. He was counting coins to see how much he had earned with the sales, before closing for lunch.

"Hello! Can you serve me?" I said squeezing the bell on counter by pretending to be a customer.

"Sorry, we'll have to close for lunch, but if you want to come back in an hour..." he stopped as he turned and saw that it was I who had asked.

"Ah! Hi Liu! Wow, long time no see! Glad you decided to leave a little of the Jade Palace to visit your friends!" he said with happiness in reviewing his friend, coming toward the counter.

"Yes, I was there this long because I was training to improve my skills and get stronger! Now that I am part of the Furious Five, or rather now the SIX FURIOUS, I have to be prepared for the adventures that await me" I told him, while doing some kung fu moves.

"Well, and what exactly stopped the training of great Jade?" He joked.

"If I tell you will not believe...but I'll tell anyway. My mother and others had to leave the Valley because of a new mission, and since the Dragon Warrior Po Ping is busy in the restaurant, do you know who will take care of the Valley of Peace?" I asked ironically.

"Mr. Ping?" He said jokingly, and we both laughed at the joke.

"No! ME, Liu 'The Jade' Zhang! The newest member of the Furious Six!" I told enthusiastically.

"Cool! But if the Dragon Warrior will be at the restaurant with Mr. Ping, then who will help you to protect the Valley?" he asked me as he headed to the bag of coins that he was counting.

"NOBODY! I'll take care of the Valley Alone! Isn't it going to be amazing?!" I replied cheerfully. Then Tuggsy stood motionless with the bag of coins, making a face of astonishment, and then turned to me.

"WHAT? You will not have the help of the Dragon Warrior? mean you'll have to protect the Valley of all the vilains and robbers by your own?" he asked to confirm what I had said.

"Yes...I think that's what I meant with 'I'll take care of the Valley alone', huh?" I said ironically.

"WOW! This will be AWESOME! I can't believe they let you do this! It's your first mission, and even then it's already something of this level..." he said exaltedly when realized what I was doing.

"I know! I also had this reaction when I found out. I bet this black panther will set off all the bad guys!" I said, making a few punches in the air.

"I bet too, 'Jade'! And I know a snow leopard that is starving!" Tuggsy said referring to himself, placing his hand on the belly while it snored.

"So what do you think if we go to Mr. Ping's restaurant to eat some Noodle Soup?" I asked.

"Of course yes! Thank you! And let's go fast! I'm starving!" he replied, making we both laugh.

Once Tuggsy closed the stall, we went to the restaurant. In the way, I realized that he was working alone, what it is kind of weird, because he always works with his parents.

"Huh, Tuggsy, why your parents were not working with you in the stall? Did Something happen?" I asked worried about the health of the family of my friend.

"No, thank god! They are renovating our home, and for not slowing down the accounts, I offered to come to work alone, while they keep working at home!" he told me with pride and a smile on his face by the attitude he took.

"Nice! It's so cute of your part, to make it for them! So apparently it seems I'm not the only one in the first mission" I praised.

"I wouldn't say it is a mission, because it's more than my obligation to help them, and also it's nothing extraordinarily difficult. But if you are saying..." he replied.

Then we got to the restaurant, where we saw Po and Mr. Ping cooking. While Mr. Ping was cutting the vegetables, Po was making some delicious noodle, which he ate some before his father see.

I asked to Tuggsy to stay keeping a place for us, while I went to the counter to ask for the noodle soups.

"Hi Po! Hi Mr. Ping! How are you?" I greeted when I arrived, and they both greeted together in response.

"So Liu, what do you think of your first mission?" Po asked as he continued preparing the noodles.

"It's simply Awesome! I just think what it's a pity that I'm not doing anything until now, no bad guys, villains..." I replied.

"How can you think this is bad, Liu! The important thing is that the Valley is in peace, isn't it?" Mr. Ping asked.

"It's not that, Mr. Ping, I meant that since it's my first mission, I expected more than just walking from one side to the other" I explained.

"I understand you, Liu. But I think you shouldnt worry about it, with all these traders from outside, I bet that they will need a very expecial attention, cuz probably something will eventually happen, keep your eyes open!" Po told me.

"Well, it's lunchtime and I would love that delicious noodle soup that you make, could you make me two bowls, please?" I asked, already salivating.

"Wow, looks like someone is hungry!" Mr. Ping joked.

"It is not only for me, my friend will have lunch with me" I said with a bit of shame.

"OH! Looks like we are going to have a romantic lunch here, huh" he continued, making me even more ashamed.

"It's not what you are thinking Mr. Ping, he's just a friend of mine! And we just decided to have lunch together" I explained.

"OK! Anyway, I'll bring to you the two soups soon" Po said looking at me in an ironic way.

I returned to the table with Tuggsy, and I was very ashamed because of the conversation I had. He didn't understand why I was like that, but he stayed quiet. After a few minutes, Po was coming to our table to bring our request, but stopped and stared Tuggsy from afar, who had his back to the Po. He then gave a big smile of happiness and came running towards us beating his belly on the other customers, then quickly left the two soups at our table and gave him a hug, squeezing Tuggsy against his belly and chest with all his strength of Dragon Warrior, and then exclaimed quickly while spinning.

"PENG! Good to see you buddy! I thought I'd never see you here in the Valley of Peace since that day you said you were leaving kung fu forever, and went away and..." Po stopped spinning as he opened his eyes and saw the clients looking at the mess that he had made, lots of food scattered on the floor, and a poor rabbit lady who ended her noodles on her head, then looked at who he was hugging and saw that wasn't who he thought, and dropped him, making him fall on his back.

"Oh no! Look what you made with our customers, son!" Mr. Ping said a bit angry, and then helped the customers, and apologize.

"Sorry ,father! Sorry, folks! And sorry...I thought you were someone I knew" Po apologized to everyone and then with Tuggsy.

"...Ouch! It is also a pleasure to finally meet you in person...Dragon Warrior..." he said breathlessly, making the reverence with hands still lying. I got up from the chair and helped him to stand up, and then we sat down, and Po sat down with us to chat while we ate lunch.

"What's your name, kid?" Po asked.

"My name is Zhi Tsugumi, but my friends call me 'Tuggsy'!" he said.

"Sorry really look like a friend of mine, and I thought you were him" Po apologized again.

"No problem!" he smiled.

"By the way, who is this guy called Peng that you confused with Tuggsy?" I asked while my mouth still full.

"Peng is a friend I've known for a long time, he was a kung fu genius, getting to be as good as us, or even better. Then we found out that he was Tai Lung's nephew and he was looking for his uncle, but he eventually discovered what happened and got furious, then tried to destroy me, the Five and Shifu. He nearly succeeded, with the help of a powerful medallion that increased his skills and strength, but by being a boy of good-hearted, when I showed him how Tai Lung really was, and why I had to kill him, Peng decided not follow the path of his uncle. However, this powerful medallion he'd used, show the bad side of those who wore it, and Peng said he saw his great ambition for power, then decided to quit kung fu forever, so then he could not hurt anyone, and left the Valley" Po explained to us remembering everything that had happened.

"Wow! I can't believe that a kid has almost overcome you! After all you guys are so good, and he was just one!" said Tuggsy, impressed about what Po said.

"Neither do I! His skills should be Amazing! It's a shame that someone with so much talent has given up kung fu and gone" I continued.

"Well, actually, after a while, I saw him again, and he had not only returned to practice kung fu, as had also Improve his skills!" Po said.

"But you said he had given up kung fu and gone out of the Valley ... so what has changed, causing him to come back?" Tuggsy asked.

"Once he found out that he shouldn't be afraid to use kung fu for good, he devoted his time to teach the legendary art of kung fu in his own public schools, because he realized that it was only the great warriors who mastered this art, while the other people depended of these same to defend them, so then he taught them how to defend themselves! So his idea spread throughout China, and now he travels around the country to open these schools, so everyone will learn the art of kung fu" Po told us.

"WOW! Amazing! He is not only a kung fu genius, but also very smart! It's just a shame that he had to go, doesn't it? He must be a great friend of yours" I said impressed, and trying to comfort Po.

"'s really a shame...sigh* But the important thing is that he is happy doing what does!" Po said a little sad, because the longing for his friend.

After we finish lunch, we both said our goodbyes to the Dragon Warrior and Mr. Ping, and left the restaurant. Then Tuggsy and I said our goodbyes too, 'cause he needed to take care of the stall, and I finally would start my adventure of taking care of the Valley of Peace by my own.

I climbed on the roof of a house to have a wider field of vision, I looked around, but I saw any danger. Then as time went by I just walked through the Valley from one side to the other.

An hour had passed since then, and there was still no thug or villain for me to defeat. I started to get bored, but nothing that prevented me from continuing with my mission.

Another hour passed, and since nothing bad was happening, I decided to go to Tuggsy's stall to talk with him again. On the way, I was so bored that I must have started to get distracted, so I didn't see a rock on my path and stumbled, falling flat on my face. Luckily there weren't many people around to see what had happened.

"Darn! This boredom is making me so distracted that I even stumbled across a wretched rock! Ouch...!" I grumbled with myself and then put a hand on my nose because of the pain.

"Are you okay?" someone asked me. I looked around to see who had asked me, and I ended up driving my look to a stall with a vendor who was wearing a straw hat to protect from the sun, which doesn't let the face appear, he was selling lots of things related to martial arts, such as gloves, wooden nunchucks, tracks, and even training shurikens made of wood. But what I found odd was the one who was selling, was Tuggsy!

"Why are you here?" I asked him, confused.

"I'm...selling products for martial arts training, madam!" he replied, making me laugh out loud.

"Madam? By chance, am I old enough to be called 'Madam', 'sir'?" I joked and laugh again, he replied with a friendly smile.

"But tell me, why you are working in this tent and not on yours?" I asked.

"But this is my stall!" he replied.

"Cool! So to get even more money, you decided to open up other stall?" I asked again.

"What other stall? What are you talking about?" he asked seeming not to understand, but I thought it was another joke as 'madam'.

"Veeery funny, Tuggsy! Now, can you answer me?" I continued.

" name isn't Tuggsy!" he said, I found this very strange.

"Yes, I know your name is Zhi Tsugumi, but your nickname is Tuggsy, isn't it? You're weird, did something happened?" I inquired.

But before he could speak, I heard a loud crashing noise of stalls more ahead on the trade area of the Valley.

"Oh no! Wait here Tuggsy! We talked about it later, now I have to see what is happening" I said going toward the noise I heard. He tried to say something again, but I didn't understand what was.

Arriving where all the noise was being made, I stopped running, sliding a bit in the direction that I ran, then I saw what was happening.

My heart raced and my eyes widened bout what I saw: Gorilla Bandits! Huge gorillas destroying the trade area. There were TEN of them together, okay I'm not exactly high (I am a little taller than the monkey, he is at the height of my shoulders), but seeing all those gorillas who had the triple of my height was really scary. They were all in armor with a lead color, which had a shoulder on the right shoulder, and chest.

They were not only destroying everything as they were also stealing the products from all vendors. While a half stole and destroyed, the other put the products in a large wooden cart they had with them. But what worried me even more, was that those who were stealing had huge axes, extremely sharp, they were using to destroy the stalls they stole.

The adrenaline rose up to my limit, I felt a great amount of energy inside me that seemed to explode, and then I took courage to act before they were successful. Firmly squeezed my eyes staring at them, closed my fists and went into position to fight, the same as my mother, Tigress.

"Hey, big guys! You are not going anywhere with these things!" I yelled to get their attention. Everyone looked at me, then gave a small laugh.

"And Who exactly is going to stop us? A weak little girl like you?!" the gorilla who was closer to me said sarcastically. That made me a little angry, making me squeeze my eyes even more.

"If you think I am weak, then why don't you come here to taste the wrath of my fist?! Or are you afraid to lose?" I teased. This infuriated him and made him growl loudly, then he started to come towards me.

"Hey, Idiot! What you gonna do? We have work that needs to be done! Don't delay us because of a little girl!" said the other gorillas, trying to prevent him from coming to me.

"Don't worry! I'll end this quickly!" he said still coming towards me with his huge ax, holding it with both hands. When he was close enough to hit me with his ax, he rose it to hit me with all his strength of gorilla, while I sat motionless in my fighting stance staring at him.

He, with a fast and aggressive movement, tried to hit me, but I dodged the ax to my left holding it in it's wooden handle with both hands, causing him to hit the ground; then took a big leap toward the face of the gorilla bandit, giving a powerful kick to his chin with a backflip, causing him to fall back on the floor passed out. When finished the backflip, I fell on both feet and one hand, beside my opponent now on the floor.

The other gorillas were impressed that I had knocked one of their colleagues with a single blow. I went back to look at them. One of them frowned and let out a great roar.

"Let's get this cheeky! ATTACK!" one of them ordered, running towards me with other three gorillas.

So I ran towards them too. The first tried to hit me with his ax using a side cutting from left to right, trying to hit my head. With a quick movement, I slipped on my knees and bend the body backwards, I dodged the ax while going towards my opponent. I got up and gave a kick with my left leg on his belly, causing him to bend, so I gave a big jump, hit him with a right punch on his chin and still in the air, gave a rotational kick with the right leg. This caused him to turn and fall flat on his face.

After I fell, I continued running towards the third gorilla. He came running towards me with his ax in one hand, and approaching me enough to attack, lifted the ax and tried to hit me with a diagonal cut from top to bottom. To defend myself, I made a quick move, leaving my two arms next to each other, and placed them in front of my body, so I blocked the blow, because the wooden handle of the ax hit my arms. Because of my defense, the ax ended up going in the other direction, leaving my opponent completely defenseless. I closed my fists, steadied my balance, threw my right fist back, and gave a powerful punch on his stomach. The blow was so strong that he rolled onto his back several feet away at high speed and crashed into two other gorillas, knocking both.

"STRIKE!" I thought.

Now that half of the bandits were already defeated, the other gorillas who were putting the bags on the big wooden cart looked at me astonished.

I left the position that I used to do the punch, crossed my arms, smiled and looked at the gorillas bandits who were now frightened.

"What is it? Are you afraid of a little girl who is only 14, boys?" I asked for them sarcastically, avenging myself of the joke they had done with me. They groaned in fear, then quickly finished filling the cart. One of them began to pull the cart, which now had several bags of product inside, and the others ran as fast as they could.

"LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! RUN!" the gorilla that was pulling the cart shouted, also rushing out of the Valley.

They ran down the dirt road leading into the forest of bamboo. It was very dense, when you looked at it, you could only see more and more bamboo, seemed endless when you looked inside, so we can easily get lost in it if you don’t pay attention. Knowing this, the gorilla bandits attempted their escape by the road that followed inside this forest.

Without they know it, I followed them. They were in a defensive position, where the gorila that was with the cart, sat in the middle, while two were in the front and two behind.

The two who were behind, looked back still running, to see if they were not being followed. By looking, they only saw the dirt road and the forest of bamboo.

"I think we lost her, guys!" one said. They all laughed, thinking they had escaped the situation.

"Excuse me! Could you go a little slower? We are staying far from the Valley and, you know, I have to take this with me and..." I said playing with the gorilla who was leading the cart, scaring him. I was sitting cross-legged on the top of bags of products and with the hands on my knees, until, due to fright, the gorilla bandit suddenly stopped the cart, causing me to spin in the air going in his direction.

After I complete a full turn in the air, I stretched my left leg to kick and hit him squarely on his back, flinging him several meters away and I fell standing in front of the cart.

I looked back and saw the gorillas who were behind the cart coming toward me. They gave a great roar, the two closed their fists, raised them and both tried to hit me at the same time in my head.

I quickly took a back somersault to climb into the wooden cart. Then both went to each side of it, and I realized that I would be attacked from both sides.

Before they attack, went into a fighting stance, pushing my legs a little to the side to steady my base, and shrugged my arms at waist height, so I didn't get my back to them, and could defend myself from both sides faster.

They attacked together. In the first strike, one of them tried to hit my head, and the other in my chest, so I dodged leaning my body forward, and I got between the arms of both. In the second blow, just the gorilla that was in my right attacked, trying to give me a right punch, but I swerved, and when the punch had passed me by completely, I threw my left arm back to give momentum and punched him in the nose, making him go back. At the third stroke, the gorilla who was on my left tried to hit me with the same scam on my belly, so when his arm came up to me, I kicked it, causing him to pull away, I took advantage of the momentum of my effort to give it a whirl without going anywhere and stretched my leg, kicking him in the chest, this left him breathless.

Both while groaning in pain, stared at me and then roared with rage. Then came running toward the wooden cart to try to hit me. Again, the two tried to hit me with a right punch, each targeting on one side of my face. Using a quick move, I jumped before they could hit me, but they continue it, punching on each other, and fell back on the floor, passed out.

"Cowards! Two big guys like you attacking a 'poor little girl' like me! I didn't expect such an attitude, guys!" I said jokingly as I looked at the two.

"Now we got you!" said another gorilla. The voice seemed to be very close, so I opened my eyes scared, and turned to see where were the last two gorillas. They were standing behind me!

They tried to grab me with both arms, but I quickly jumped between they with a somersault, and then made another to back off a little more. I got up and took a deep breath.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! Are you trying to scare me and make me have heart attack or something?!" I grumbled because of the scare they gave me.

"Why would we want to make you die of a heart attack..." the right said.

"If we can TAKE IT from you and eat for dinner without salt" the left continued. This made me a bit nauseous and grimaced in disgust.

"Yuck! Dude...really...that's DISGUSTING!" I replied.

"I prefer salted, but that does not matter!" the one on the right said.

"Well, if you want to take my heart to eat it for dinner without salt...Yuck!...You'll have to defeat me first!” I exclaimed and grimaced again.

They then advanced running towards me. When they got close, I jumped to the right to run away from them, heading towards the bamboo forest, but I still in the dirt road. Both were in front of me, but while one of them stood at a distance, the other advanced to try to beat me.

I stood in front of a tall, thick bamboo, and crossed my arms. The gorilla bandit tried to give me several punches.

"Wrong...wrong...wrong...wrong...wrong...oops you wrong again, ape!" I was saying and then I laughed, while he was trying to hit me with his punches, but I dodged all, ducking myself and moving toward the sides. He got very angry with this, then let out a big growl and tried to hit me with another punch, but I quickly jumped to the side, making him hit the bamboo that was behind me.

The bamboo broke where he had hit, and fell toward him. The gorilla that was fighting with me quickly got out of the way, but the other who was watching by distance didn't move, and the bamboo hit his head, making him faint.

The last gorilla bandit looked at his friend who had just fainted and then stared at me.

I got into a position to fight again, leaving my right leg behind my body, right arm at waist height and my left arm straight in front of me.

"You may have defeated all my colleagues, but I won't let you defeat me so easily!" he said, then slammed both fists against his chest, and came into a position to fight; he put his left leg behind his body, put the right arm above his head and stretched his left arm.

We stared at each other and shook our eyes. At that moment, I could feel a gentle breeze passing across the dirt road, it knocked lightly on my fur, and its sound echoed through the forest of bamboo. While nothing actually happened, I thought why exactly that gorilla bandit was so confident, since I had defeated all his friends, how could he think that he would be able to defeat me alone.

Then I noticed that on his right arm had a red band with a symbol of a dragon of fire. This meant that surely he had been a student of the Lee Da Kung Fu Academy, a kung fu academy where only great prodigies of kung fu could enter (it was where Crane had learned kung fu before going to the Jade Palace, he had told me once about this place and how his friend May Ling helped him learn to have selfconfidence).

Soon, when the breeze stops, we run toward each other. I tried to strike the first blow, jumping up in the air going towards him, lifting my left leg to kick him in the face. But despite being a quick blow, when I was very close to him, he turned his head to the right, and when almost all my body had passed him, he grabbed the leg that I had used to kick him with his left hand. Then he spin while still holding me, causing me to spin along with him, made me get over him and then with all his strength threw me on the floor making me hit my back, but still holding me.

When I hit the ground, my body let a small mark on it and a bit of smoke rose, not to mention the huge pain that I felt.

I groaned in pain, and then he, with another spin, threw me into the forest, making me somersaulting backwards several feet away from him, until I stopped when I beat in a bamboo, stopping sitting.

"Ouch! This guy was not kidding when he said that I wouldn't defeat him easily!" I said to myself, putting my right hand on the back to relieve the pain.

"Now you will see what actually means pain, little girl!" he said to me, walking towards my direction.

He came to me and then grabbed me by the collar, lifting me off the ground with one hand and lifted me above the height of his head, with my body loose and swinging.

"Do you really think you can defeat a gang of gorillas without anyone's help, your cheeky?" he laughed, thinking he had won the battle.

"I...don't think I can...I KNOW I can!" I yelled, reeling from the pain. So I stretched my arms leaving them above my head, gathered my hands, and with a strong blow, hit them in the gorilla's forearm, making him to stop holding me. This made him cry out in pain and walk away from me, holding the arm that I had struck.

I took the chance that he wouldn’t use one arm, and left for the attack to defeat the last gorila bandit. I ran towards him, and when he turned I made a series of blows on him. I started with lots of quick punches of left and right, rising from the belly to the chest, making him bend forward, then kicked with my left leg while I leaned on the right, one on his chest and another in the face; then I jumped up and hit his chin with my knee, making him go back a bit, and finally, I've tripped him with a spin without moving, supporting myself on the left leg while the right leg hit his heel with the spin, making him fall backwards.

He slowly got up to sit, and with much pain, he tried to catch his breath. I crossed my arms and stood in front of him, looking at him with a little smile.

When he looked at me, his eyes widened as if he was terrified. At that moment I stopped quickly to think of one thing that disturbed me: even though he was sat, he was taller than me standing. Whenever I'm around someone taller than me, I feel somewhat embarrassed. I hope that when I'm older, I don’t continue being small, and be at least the height of my mother or a little more.

After that, I threatened him before he could regain his breath.

"Now prepare yourself, monkey! I'll give you the two last blows of mercy!" I said. That made him even more scared.

"No! Please not! Have mercy on me...Couldn't It be...just one blow?" he pleaded while shaking with fear.

I then closed my eyes still smiling, and started doing some tai chi, without going anywhere, using only my arms. So I got into a position to fight, putting my right arm behind the body at the height of my head, left arm stretched in front of my body, dragged the right leg back and put the left in front.

I then opened my eyes slowly, staring at the frightened gorilla.

"TAKE THAT!" I yelled before giving my blow. I threw my right arm forward with all my strength and speed, to give a very powerful punch on his face. The movement was so fast that I could feel the wind be cut, and go through my arm.

The gorilla closed his eyes and moaned with fear, but then opened them after only feel the wind pass on his face, and see that my right fist was only close to his nose.

I then laughed softly, with the fist still in front of his nose.

"Got Your Nose!" I said, picking his nose with the hand that was on his face, using my thumb and forefinger, and squeezed tightly twisting it to the side. This made him cry out in pain and put his hand on the nose soon after.

"Ouch! My nose! You'll pay for that, you insolent brat!" he complained of what I had done to mock him, and in pain, tried to get up slowly.

"And now, the SECOND blow of mercy!" I said, running a great distance down the dirt road to get away from him. Then I stopped running, sliding forward slightly when I tried to stop, and ran again, this time toward the gorilla bandit who was still trying to get up.

Still a few feet from him, I jumped up high giving several twirls while still going forward, then stopped spinning and stretched my leg to kick him. I was speeding during flight, as well as the first 'blow of mercy', but this time I could feel the air go through my entire body, through the legs, up through my body and through my face.

He was on his knees while I was doing my powerful kick and headed in his direction, he was looking very confident out, what worried me, but I continued with my movement.

"This time I'm really going to hit you, villain! TAKE THAT!" I told him while I was approaching.

He stood quickly, and clasped his hands in the form of 'spoon', he intended to throw me in the air, as if I was a volleyball.

When I realized this, I also realized that I couldn't dodge, and HE WOULD HIT ME.

"TASTE THE FURY OF MY FEET, VILLAIN!" I heard someone yell soon followed.

It was Po! He came running towards the gorilla bandit, with the same idea as me. After running a bit, he jumped up and used the same kick as me.

He stretched his leg in the air while 'flying' to do the kick, and in that instant, the gorilla bandit looked at him, still not moving. But unlike me, Po took just a little boost to run the flying kick and fell on the floor, stopping less than a meter from the gorilla. Po groaned in pain and then looked at the bandit, who also looked at him, making a face of who didn't understand what had happened.

" didn't happen exactly how I thought" he said, lying on the floor.

As the gorilla bandit looked at Po, I just continued with my kick, and prang him in the face, making him flying several feet away, hitting his back on a bamboo and fainting. Still in the air, I did a backflip and landed standing beside Po.

I looked at him with a smile, proud that I had won of all those bandits gorillas ALONE! I could barely contain my happiness for my accomplishment. But I saw he was a little mad at me when I looked at him, he was staring straight at me, it made me gradually stop smiling, and feel even a little fear.

"What's wrong Po? Is...something...wrong?" I asked.

"If something's wrong?...OF COURSE THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG!" he said furiously, changing his tone suddenly out, what scared me even more.

"B-but...I don’t understand! I just beat a whole gang of gorillas alone, and saved the products of the sellers...why are you so angry?" I asked.

"It's just that, Liu! You defeated them Alone! This was very dangerous, you could get hurt in a very serious way! Weren’t you told that if anything happened, you should call me in the restaurant?" Po told me still pretty angry.

"Y-yes, but I saw them destroying the trade area and stealing all those products, and if I didn't do something fast they would have escaped, and..." I tried to explain, but Po interrupted me.

"Liu, I would even understand you, but IF this had happened with a simple villain or two, or even with the Croc Bandits...but NOT with a GANG OF GORILLAS! And were TEN of them! Imagine if I were not here to help?" he questioned me.

"I-I know...I'm sorry, I...wait a minute! What are you talking about? I beat them all! You just helped me to distract the last of them..." I said to him, changing my expression of shame for a doubtful expression.

After I said this, Po crossed his arms and turned to face me. It made me feel a shiver down my spine, I had never seen him like this, and to see him with a serious attitude like that and giving me a scolding was just creepy. While I was looking into his eyes, I felt as if his gaze was freezing me, and I was still for a few seconds.

Po then bent himself forward still with arms crossed, being at the same height as me, and leave his face very close to mine. So I could see the icy stare and his angry face closely. I was so scared, that I could feel a bit of sweat trickling down my forehead. Then he said quietly.

"Exactly! You didn't need my help...And it is AWESOME!" he exclaimed loudly, quickly changing his aggressive expression to one of excitement.

After he said this, I could feel such a relief, that I almost fell backwards, then I put my hand on my forehead to wipe the sweat, and let out a small sigh of relief. Then he said quickly.

"I can’t believe that in your First mission, you defeated a whole gang of gorillas! And they were TEN! This is Amazing, and you didn’t let them take the goods. Liu...I'm...really impressed..." he stopped talking gradually, after seeing that it was I who was now with a serious look.

"What? Is...something wrong?" he asked then.

"OF COURSE, PO! You appear out of nowhere, gave me an scolding, stares at me in a creepy way...are you trying to scare me to death? I was starting to think you'd hit me!" I explained to him why I was angry.

"Why would I hit you, Liu? You are my friend! I never hit on a friend of mine. I'm sorry if I scared you, but it wasn’t my intention, it is because you gave me a fright when I heard you were fighting with a gang of gorillas, know...I didn’t expect you were really going to beat them all alone and..." he explained.

"It's okay Po! I understand your concern. Thank you!" I said. Then we smiled at each other.

"OH! Come here my favorite kung fu master! You don't know how much I'm proud of you! Can't wait to tell everything to Master Shifu, the Five and to your mother!" Po said, after giving me a hug and twirling along with me, then laughed together.

Then Po tied the gorillas bandits who were in the bamboo forest with a rope, and left them in the middle of the dirt road, so he could come back and pick them up later. Then he picked up the wooden cart that was with the bags of goods inside, and we went together back to the Valley.

The way was now very calm, the wind that passed was quite refreshing, the forest was quiet, and the only sounds that could be heard were the ones that me and Po were doing.

Along the way, Po and I were talking, he had asked me what I was finding my first day in a mission, and how I had defeated all those gorillas bandits. I told him everything and then I asked about his 'mission' in the kitchen with his father, he laughed and then told me he had done nothing different except for having downed a whole bowl of noodles at the head of his father, Mr. Ping, this also made me laugh.

After a few minutes of walking, we arrived at the Valley of Peace. We were heading towards the trade area, to return the products to their rightful owners, but when we got there, something strange surprises us. No one was in the area of trade. No seller or customer.

"N-no way! Where are the gorilla bandits?" Po questioned.

"What are you talking about, Po?" I asked, not understanding why he said that.

"Before I go looking for you, I had tied the five gorillas bandits who were here in the area of trade, ... but they are GONE!" Po explained, glancing from side to side to see if he could find where were the gorillas bandits.

"But...if they were tied...then who released them?" I asked, having no idea who could have done that.

We continue looking at the area of trade, until we felt a little shaking on the ground, as if an army was marching close to us, and these steps made a loud and in sync sound. We also heard the sound of metal hitting along with the steps, as if they were blades rattling. Then suddenly the noise stopped, and we knew that was coming from behind us.

Po and I widened our eyes in fear, and we turned to see what was behind us making that noise. When we turn, we were surprised about what was making all that noise.

Were the same gorillas who I had defeated! All the ten! They were near the trade area, staring at us with very angry faces, then they stood next to each other and started laughing in a sarcastic way.

"So you came back to play some more, huh" I said distance.

"Can I join in the fun this time, Jade?" Po asked me joking.

"Okay! I'll defeat the right half and the left half is yours!" I continued to joke.

But something was wrong, the gorillas didn’t even entered in position to fight when we say that, in fact, they even seemed to not be linking to our presence, such that one of them was scratching his nose after we said that. The gorilla who had been a student of the Lee Da Kung Fu Academy, that was more ahead of the others, laughed and spoke.

"If each of you wanna divide the work half-and-half, then who is going to take care of this one here?" he said, looking back.

Then we felt several tremors, were steps again. Then to our amazement, we saw someone who apparently should be the boss of the gang.

He was another gorilla, but this was about a meter and a half higher than the other. He had big muscles that were well defined, wore a black headband covering his left eye, and unlike the other gorillas, he was wearing armor that had a big chest and protections that covered all for the legs and arms, all made of iron, and the only part that had no armor was his head.

Po and I had to look up so we could look in the eyes of that giant. His presence was downright scary, not only because he was very tall and strong, but also 'cause he was growling loudly while moving.

Then he stopped in front of his henchmen and roared loudly, repeatedly beating on his chest, which made his henchmen vibrate.

"So you are the two who are messing in my business! I can't understand how, since you are just a teddy bear and a frightened kitten!" he said, laughing with his henchmen.

What he said made me and Po angry. Then Po said.

"Really? But know that this teddy bear and this...frightened...kitten..." Po stopped talking, after looking at me and see my face of indignation at him, because he insulted both of us without even realizing it. And then I continued.

"If you really think that we are not able to defeat you, then Prove that you are right!" I said to the gorila boss, and now me and Po entered in position to fight.

"Bring it on!" he answered us, walking a few feet in our direction and crossing his arms.

Po scampered toward the gorilla boss,  while I initially watched from a distance. The giant enemy still advancing slowly until he stopped and stood standing.  Frighteningly, he even went into position to fight, and just let the Dragon Warrior get closer.

Po then gave a strong punch on his belly, but the enemy didn't move, the powerful gorilla's armor, didn't let he felt the blow.

The villain laughed of Po's pain. Then, using the top part of the forearm, and with a movement from the bottom up, he took a blow in Po's face, making him fly several meters away and stop beside me, lying face down.

I looked at the Po quickly, and then kept looking at the gorilla boss.

"What is it? The frightened kitten will not attack me? Too I think I'm who is going to have to go up there to destroy you!" he said ironically to me, and then laughed along with his henchmen.
Hello, everybody! I hope you are enjoying the story :D

Just to clarify, this series is set after 'Kung Fu Panda 3 - The Path of the Rising Sun' of :icondestiny3000: . It is a fantastic story :)! I recommend you to read it:…

Soon I'll make more episodes and updates.

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Not at all, not at all! I'm still writing mine and that of Liu Zhang, you'll find stuff about Liu you either already have, or just didn't know about.

I have (Nearly) illegally downloaded ALL THE SERIES to "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness" off YouTube, and other sites via Firefox (Firefox is a Internet thing, like Google Crome, Internet Explorer, etc), so I'm also learning things about each of the characters, such as Shifu really liking Master Yao ever since his childhood in "The Maltese Mantis", etc.
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:? like what.... Damn! Now I'm curious xD
Destiny3000 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
In Firefox:
    1.    Click “Tools” — Add-Ons.
    2.    Get Add-Ons.
    3.    Search “YouTube, MP3, MP4, etc”
And you’re off!

I have:
    •    Ant Video Downloader.
    •    Flash Video Downloader (Images that move, like movies).
    •    NetVideoHunter 1.15.

I just found these when I was messing about with diferent buttons and stuff, and found those beauties! I buy on iTunes, but like everyone else if you can get something cheaper or free... take it!
SnakeTeeth12 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
xD I meant about Liu Zhang hahahaha! "I'm still writing mine and that of Liu Zhang, you'll find stuff about Liu you either already have, or just didn't know about."

Dude...I do use Firefox too, and these other  stuff :P
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